Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bandeira Americana, or Where Does One Find an American Flag in Southern Portugal?

So ATT let us down and delivered Team Leader Jill's "Hey Blake, please pick up an American flag for the Opening Ceremonies on the way to the Mia airport ok?" the day after we arrived in Tavira.  No problem we thought, just go to the mall and buy a flag...


After 3 hours and countless blank stares and even a few "why didn't you just bring one?" comments - gee, thanks for that! - Laurie finally tracked down a flag store 56 miles to the East.  At 150km/hr pretty easily done so...  Roadtrip!

Expecting to arrive at a commercial location, Laurie, Jill and Blake became more concerned as the route became more and more residential.  Rounding the last corner with the GPS saying "arriving at Lot Zero" we were a bit confused by the row of neat homes with no store in sight... until we spied a row of flags inside an open french door.  Success!

Jill, Laurie and Our Favorite Portugese Flagmaker
Thanks to our friend at Bandeira Algarve for saving us.  Now if we can just download the Star Spangled Banner from iTunes....

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