Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ready to Rumble

Opening ceremonies were just right with local officials and IODA poobahs mixing with hundreds of attendees in historic downtown Tavira.  TeamUSA looked snazzy in their team polos, boardshorts and super cool cowboy hats.  Giddy up!

Broadband issues tonight at the Albacore prohibit your faithful scribe from uploading the pics from the parade and ceremony but I promise to get to the venue early-ish (folks in the US will still be dreaming of sugarplums while I am hard at work by then!)  Fleet assignments will be available in the morning as well so we will update you then.

Alex, Cooper, Ian and Romain are already in bed after pasta loading tonight at Mama Mia.  They even passed on gelato... wow, they are really getting serious over here!

Signing off and standing by in Tavira, and since it is almost past midnight let me be the first to say... Happy Fourth of July!

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