Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day Three in the books

Back from Spain and the story from Tavira is... more of the same on the water.  10-15, not a cloud in the sky and great racing!  The current was even more of a factor today and created some big line sag opportunities for those who were on the ball.  It was also a factor at the top mark where Ian - fresh off a 5th in race 6 - came storming along in 5th place at the 2 boat length circle but had called the layline a bit short and... came out in 40th.  Ouch, especially since that was the topic of Coach Juan's chalk talk today but a teachable moment he won't repeat!

Preliminary results after 3 days:

Romain  30th  (OCS-31-9 today)
Ian         44th   (26-5-44 today)
Cooper  49th   (55/23/41 today)
Alex      50th preliminary

TeamUSA has finished dinner and is owning the patio card games.  Off to bed by 9:30, 3 days to go and keeping their eyes on the prize.

Standing by at the Albacore....

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