Sunday, 3 July 2011

Traffic Jam in the launch line... Watch your ankles!

So I'm minding my own business standing in the launch line with our sailors and chatting about the conditions and the plan for Opening Ceremonies when I felt a nudge... and before you say "Hey!  Parents aren't supposed to be in the launch line at an IODA Championship pal!" remember I am a Country Rep with a wrist band and everything so I'm legit to be there....

So back to the launch line.

Figuring it was just a boat/dolly behind that wasn't paying full attention I ignored it until it became a bigger nudge - maybe even a push - against my legs.  Turning around with a smile so as to show the international sign for "Hey, that's ok," I was greeted with a glare by a VERY serious young lady who clearly had decided the racing had already begun even though we were still on the hard 100 meters from the water two hours before the first gun!  I decided to clarify our position and said "Sorry, no one is moving ahead of us but I promise we'll be on our way as soon as they get going"... and 30 seconds later I was almost knocked over by what was no longer a nudge but a full fledged shove.  Yikes!

Lesson learned: never, EVER get in the way of a sailor on the way to the water, regardless of whether the boats ahead are at a full stop or not :)

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