Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Swap Meet is in full swing

Anyone who had attended a major international Optimist event knows gear/kit swapping of official gear is a highlight of activities ashore.  In fact, TeamUSA packed two extra bags of logo stuff to make sure our Fast Four were well equipped to handle the trading schemes...

Last night as the Team Leader approached our sailors' room for lights out it looked like a street party outside the room!  Sailors from Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Argentina and At least Austria were moving in and out of TeamUSA's open door in the Opti world's version of Let's Make a Deal.  Our sailors have learned to never fall in love with a jacket, t shirt or life jacket and be willing to walk away if the swap doesn't make sense - and they are, Duh, Winning the rush for gear!

Who says Optimist racing doesn't teach life lessons?  Ha!

As of now it's clear our "TeamUSA European Summer Tour" shirts are a big hit and bring substantial value to the trading floor for our sailors in the lobby at the Hotel Albacore.  Cooper has already secured a super cool IRL pfd, Ian has some Italia kit coming in trade for one of his much sought-after Team USA Baltic pfds, Alex has accumulated quite the global t shirt collection and Romain is getting ready to pull the trigger on a number of negotiations he has been developing during the week.

Time for dinner here in Tavira.  We're waiting for today's results, will update when they are available.  One Day to go and TeamUSA is ready to close the Europeans on a high note.

Standing by in the Albacore bar because it's where the wifi works...

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