Romain Screve Bio

It all started when a little six year old jovial boy jumped into the "Little Salts" program at the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Miami, Florida. This was my first encounter with the boat I was going to sail for seven years. The Optimist was a weird boat at first, it reminded me of a bathtub, square and deep. As I got more into this bizarre boat I understood why I enjoyed it so much.

I enjoy the Optimist because of the satisfaction you get after a regatta, all your friends, and the class itself. The best feeling ever is after you accomplished your goal after a regatta. You are the most relaxed person in the world. In addition, without the competitors and friends this boat would be boring. Before and after sailing you get to socialize and play with your friends. Also the class is fun because of the number of boats there are on the starting line and their maneuverability. With a small boat you can travel easier and can maneuver better making team racing entertaining.

My brother is the most influential figure in my sailing life because his success gives me motivation to get better than his sixteenth at the World Championships. My biggest accomplishment is winning the regatta at Mar Del Plata in 2011 because it showed me that I could do well in heavy air as well as in light air.

Manuel Resano has been my coach for three years now and he has improved my level of sailing to win the Heavy Air Regatta in St.YC, 9th at Team Trials, 1st at Midwinters, and 6th at Orange Bowl.  I live in Marin County, California.